[sdiy] sync conditioning/simple triangle oscillator without linear voltage control

ulfur hansson ulfurh at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 17:18:33 CET 2019

hello list,

I need to find a triangle oscillator design that meets two requirements;

1 - it needs to have a sync input that can sync to a signal of varying
amplitude ( it is actually a single guitar string)

2 - it has to be tiny! I plan to design it using 0805 caps/resistors and
SOT transistors etc...

they idea is to use this oscillator to reinforce a feedbacking signal
induced in the string using electromagnetic pickups and actuators. I have
already constructed an instrument that works great, but I'd like to use
this addtional circuitry to accentuate different harmonics of the resulting
tone by mixing the synced oscillator in with the feedbacking string signal.

since the sync input signal is not a steady pure waveform,i will probably
need to do some signal conditioning - any ideas regarding comparator
designs for converting varying amplitude signal to steady square wave would
be greatly appreciated! perhaps a simple diode compressor would be helpful

I hope this topic doesn't come across as too nebulous, but really any ideas
or helpful thoughts comments would be greatly appreciated!!

all the best,
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