[sdiy] Is anyone in Europe looking to get rid of their early Electronotes?

Bernard Arthur Hutchins, Jr bah13 at cornell.edu
Mon Feb 18 21:37:00 CET 2019

Ben Barwise at Wed Feb 13 18:42:34 CET 2019 posted asking for some back EN issues.   That’s fine, but a few clarifications seem in order.

(1)  True we no longer ship directly overseas due to hassles with customs forms. However, trans-shipping courtesy of a US friend works well enough.  Some customers end up paying less in postage/customs (overall) with this arrangement (unexpected side-effect!).

(2)  We do not offer (and have not for years) ad hoc orders such as issues 1-48.  Only the two “deals” on the website. And, today, I can’t see breaking up (sacrificing an everything package).  I am trying to sell-down level.

(3)  Anyway, the issue Ben specifically wanted (EN#8) is from Vol. 1 (!) and contains nothing about Terry’s VCO or even remotely related.  That was much later.


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