[sdiy] Homemade Memorymoog - update

Luís Marka luis.marka at terra.com.br
Mon Feb 18 00:55:55 CET 2019

Short update: got the digital board pretty much done, here: 

Not as compact as I thought it would be, but was a good training in 
using Kicad. Now ordering the parts, and making the final revision 
before sending the board for fabrication.

Already started work on a more compact version of this board: SMD for 
some of the components, getting rid of the sequencer connector and 
replacing 3x 2532 EPROMS (already changed for the 2732 in my board, had 
a number of 2732 around and I already did manage to burn the firmware on 
those, so why not?) with one single 27C128. In the same line, would it 
be possible to replace the 4x 2k 6116 SRAMs with 1x 8k AS6C6264, for 
example? For reference, the Memorymoog memory control section is here: 

Any help in implementing the logic for this reduced number of memory 
chips is much appreciated! In the mean time, will attack the PSU and 
DMUX boards.


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