[sdiy] Homemade synth clone

Vladimir Pantelic vladoman at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 15:37:15 CET 2019

On 15.02.19 15:02, Luís Marka wrote:
> Hi gang,
> Just started a pretty complex project: cloning a Memorymoog. With the
> recent availability of CEM ICs, think this is pretty much feasible now.
> A lot of work and a mountain of components, of course, but still possible.
> Over the last few days I managed to try Kicad for the first time (have
> been using Eagle for a long time but the Memorymoog boards are too large
> for my Eagle license) and recreate the digital board. I am halfway thru
> the task; see attached a screenshot of what I got so far!

the list strips attachments, host the file somewhere and provide a link...

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