[sdiy] Homemade synth clone

Luís Marka luis.marka at terra.com.br
Fri Feb 15 15:02:45 CET 2019

Hi gang,

Just started a pretty complex project: cloning a Memorymoog. With the 
recent availability of CEM ICs, think this is pretty much feasible now. 
A lot of work and a mountain of components, of course, but still possible.

Over the last few days I managed to try Kicad for the first time (have 
been using Eagle for a long time but the Memorymoog boards are too large 
for my Eagle license) and recreate the digital board. I am halfway thru 
the task; see attached a screenshot of what I got so far!

The only parts I was not able to source yet are the 14-segment 
fluorescent display, and the dual concentric frequency potentiometers. 
For now I am going to replace the display with a larger 14 segment LED 
display, and maybe use two separate potentiometers for frequency 
("Coarse" and "Fine"). Also, the noise generator MM5837 seems to be made 
of Unobtanium. Will use an Electrodruid NOISE 1B chip instead!

I would like to ask the list:

- do you guys know of any error, inconsistency or omissions in the 
schematics available on the Web other than what can be found in the 
factory service bulletins (autotune update, etc)?

- anyone got a spare LT-1604 fluorescent display that are willing to sell?

- any hints from anyone that already tried something similar?

- I know there are a few modifications to the voice cards that improve 
stability, but could not find detailed info. Is anyone familiar with 
these modifications?

Cheers and thanks!

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