[sdiy] Is anyone in Europe looking to get rid of their early Electronotes?

Ben Barwise clackjunk at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 18:42:34 CET 2019

Hello, I hope this is appropriate apologies if it is not.

I am doing some research on old designs mainly out of interest and for
something to write about and I am looking for info on the Electronotes VCO
option 1 and how it developed, it is interesting how many products (DIY and
commercial) the design is in.

I am in the UK and I actually purchased most of the back catalogue from
EN-49 to EN-100 back in the late 2000s but I want to see some earlier stuff
(specifically EN-8) and I see now Bernie no longer ships the documents over

Is anyone interested in parting with the early issues? (EN-1 to EN-48)

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