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Richie Burnett rburnett at richieburnett.co.uk
Sun Feb 10 12:07:13 CET 2019

---- Adam Inglis wrote ----

> > On 10 Feb 2019, at 12:35 PM, Michael Zacherl <sdiy-mz01 at blauwurf.info> wrote:
> > 
> > So, this MOTM-440, for instance, did I kill it by carelessly handling it? (asking myself)
> > m. (trying to calm down)
> Put the kettle on.
> It will, at least,  improve the humidity ;-)

Lol :-)

Generally individual electronic components are more sensitive to static damage before assembly than they are when in a circuit on a PCB. Designers usually don't leave sensitive CMOS inputs floating, or at least protect them with clamping diodes. Mosfet gates are now connected to low impedance driver circuits, which don't allow static to build up and cause oxide puncture, etc.


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