[sdiy] Problems with linearized SSI2164 ?

Danjel van Tijn danjel at intellijel.com
Thu Feb 7 08:19:50 CET 2019

> Have you tried the suspicious SSI2164 in another application? Just to see
> if it behaves in other situations before assuming that the Irwin circuit is
> some special case.
yes I have tried it in our Quadra module where we use it in exponential
mode only and I A/B compared to v2164 versions and they were identical (no

> Also I'm wondering if there could be some HF oscillation that could lead
> to this behavior almost invisibly. Are the SSI2164s from the very early
> batches where internal oscillations at loud signals through low Rin would
> result in a raised noise floor, or are they the corrected version?
I was not aware of the earlier batches with issues. We received our first
shipment from them in September of 2018.

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