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On Feb 4, 2019, at 9:12 PM, Mike Beauchamp <list at mikebeauchamp.com> wrote:
> First question: The analog board on this is all Through-Hole, even though the digital board is SMT. Why? Can through-hole stuff be done and automated by assembly houses still?

I’ve only quoted assembly costs for a few small products, but I got the impression that mixing through-hole with SMT is the most expensive. So, it’s best to either do exclusive through-hole, or exclusive SMT. If you have multiple boards in a product, then you can keep each board to a single type.

As for the why, there are analog components like poly capacitors and synth chips that simply are not available in SMT. Meanwhile, there are modern processors that are not available in the limited-pin-count through-hole packages. It may have been the case that just a few analog components were exclusively through-hole, and so they opted for making the entire analog board through-hole.

I wonder if Moog owns their own wave soldering machine. When I toured the Ensoniq factory (I visited while writing Windows drivers for the Soundscape and AudioPCI cards), they had their own wave soldering machine on site. It doesn’t matter if the industry passes you by if you maintain your own manufacturing equipment. I haven’t watched any Moog factory videos - if there are any. Seems like everything is on YouTube these days...

> Second question: I guess I always assumed that an IC would either work forever under normal use. What might have happened to these batches of IC's that Moog got in these Voyagers that would cause them to stop working only years down the road..
> Mike

You’re almost right. Failures over time have a spike in the beginning, for early death, and another spike at the expected end of life. However, just because failure is statistically higher at the beginning and the end doesn’t guarantee that there will be absolutely zero failures in between. They’re just significantly less common.

Of course, others in this thread have pointed out reasons why specific parts might fail, given the situation.


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