[sdiy] Moog Voyager - No Osc Sound

ASSI Stromeko at nexgo.de
Wed Feb 6 20:43:41 CET 2019

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019 10:07:40 PM CET Mike Beauchamp wrote:
> Thanks Achim! I didn't know ESD damage could cause the part to fail
> years later.

Latent and incremental ESD damage is a thing and resulting degraded, out-of 
spec performance is just as common as catastrophic fails.  One of the earliest 
(and easiest to verify) examples are discrete RF bipolar transistors.  They 
almost never fail catastrophically from ESD events, but their noise properties 
degrade significantly with each successive event.

> As someone that's DIY'd a lot of synth stuff in the past
> without too much thought to ESD, that kind of worries me. I now
> currently use a nice ESD mat when working on project, but still don't
> use a wrist-strap, etc.

Good for you.  :-)

One of the things that people don't seem to appreciate enough is that the 
humidity in the air is a very important factor.  If you live in a place where 
the air gets dry, one of the most effective ways to mitigate the risk of ESD 
damage is to bring it back to around 40% relative humidity.

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