[sdiy] Doepfer E510 Keyboard Scanner

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Wed Feb 6 17:56:48 CET 2019

All has been said already, but as someone making keyboard encoders for a 
living I can't simply shut up. This chip is relict of the past, and 
although it's possible to hook it up to regular Fatar keyboard with a 
bit of glue logic (quite a big bit), it's probably easier to do it with 
any kind of microcontroller. There are a few ready to use solutions, 
like the ucapps you mentioned later, or others with no programming needed.


W dniu 2019-02-06 o 04:21, Miles Stevens pisze:
> Hi,
> Poking around the web looking for a polyphonic keyboard scanner to MIDI 
> solution and stumbled on the Doepfer E510 IC through an Elektor project 
> that utilised it. Seems quite old now but wondering if anyone had 
> experience with it?
> It is listed as being in stock and ready to ship at http://www.cedos.com
> Datasheet for reference:
> http://www.cedos.com/datasheets/E510.pdf
> However, something like this feels more appropriate for an Arduino style 
> project these days, just wondering if anyone has built a similar project 
> and might have some leads for me to follow - I'm a luddite when it comes 
> to programming so the idea of pulling the code together, however basic 
> it may be in the scope of programming, feels a bit daunting.
> Any help appreciated, Kind regards -Miles Stevens
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