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Wed Feb 6 10:07:45 CET 2019

Look up autocorrelation and AMDF. These are techniques used for detecting periodicity in complex waveforms.

Don't both with FFT for pitch detection. It has loads of latency, poor pitch resolution, and is easily tricked by a missing fundamental.


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>Hi All,
>I realize this isn’t directly synth related but it’s audio related electronics.
>What are the preferred methods nowadays for designing accurate chromatic tuners for a range of instruments? I’d like to put together a chromatic tuner that I can hang on the wall that has a built in microphone to help tune instruments ranging from a bass (let’s say 30Hz) up to maybe 2k with better resolution than a snark tuner. The idea being that I can just play an open string on an acoustic guitar and look at the wall to see how far off I am. Or play an oscillator on my modular through my speakers and tune it. 
>I am aware of two ways of going about it at the moment: measuring the period of the wave and doing an FFT. 
>I can take the mic signal and condition it and square it off through a comparator to get a clean pulse to measure the period on a uC but I worry that some instruments put out some funky waves. 
>Are there any newer or more novel ways to measure the frequency of funky waves as low as 30Hz?
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