[sdiy] Doepfer E510 Keyboard Scanner

Miles Stevens milesstevens89 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 04:21:31 CET 2019


Poking around the web looking for a polyphonic keyboard scanner to MIDI
solution and stumbled on the Doepfer E510 IC through an Elektor project
that utilised it. Seems quite old now but wondering if anyone had
experience with it?

It is listed as being in stock and ready to ship at http://www.cedos.com

Datasheet for reference:


However, something like this feels more appropriate for an Arduino style
project these days, just wondering if anyone has built a similar project
and might have some leads for me to follow - I'm a luddite when it comes to
programming so the idea of pulling the code together, however basic it may
be in the scope of programming, feels a bit daunting.

Any help appreciated, Kind regards -Miles Stevens
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