[sdiy] Moog Voyager - No Osc Sound

Mike Beauchamp list at mikebeauchamp.com
Tue Feb 5 06:12:25 CET 2019

On 2/3/19 8:08 PM, Kenny Balys wrote:
> Some Voyagers had faulty TI chips. Nothing to do with Moog but the symptoms were not consistent. Talk to Amos at Moog and describe this to him.
> Moog sent me a new motherboard for my Voyager when I had a barrel of trouble. My synth was far out of warrenty so Moog had 0 obligation: cool company.
> Its worth a shot.

Thanks Kenny,
I called Moog this morning and they confirmed that this was within a 
serial # range that had some failing IC's. They've given me an RMA # and 
I've packaged the analog board up to mail tomorrow. I asked if they 
would be repairing or replacing the board and they said likely replacing 
it. Will update how it goes, but so far great customer service.

First question: The analog board on this is all Through-Hole, even 
though the digital board is SMT. Why? Can through-hole stuff be done and 
automated by assembly houses still?

Second question: I guess I always assumed that an IC would either work 
forever under normal use. What might have happened to these batches of 
IC's that Moog got in these Voyagers that would cause them to stop 
working only years down the road..


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