[sdiy] Eagle for PCB Layout

Oakley Sound oakleysound at btinternet.com
Fri Jun 29 11:45:56 CEST 2018

I use EDWinXP


Like many CAD and DAW packages, it's mind bogglingly complex and does 
things that are totally unintuitive. However, after nearly 20 years of 
using it, and its predecessors, I can do what I want with minimal fuss.

Like DFS* it's almost always available for a sale price. But the amount 
of discount varies from month to month - in April it was really cheap 
for example. It is available in non-commercial, small business, and pro 
prices. There's a free demo available on the site to try but it only 
gives you 14 days to decide. Personally, it took me a lot longer than 
that to not get cross with it. But I paid for it so had to grit my teeth 
and get on with it.

The most annoying thing they've done recently though is to start to 
charge significantly for re-authorising if you have to reinstall it.

*DFS is a furniture shop in the UK that continually offers various 
products at sale prices. "Spring Sale now finished - welcome to our 
Summer Sale..."



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