[sdiy] Any noise avantage to parallel 2164 VCAs?

Schwarz Raphael raphschwarz at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 13:16:06 CEST 2018

Mattias Rickardsson :  See the VCA as a magic multiplication factor of the current that runs through the resistor and to the op-amp.

That makes perfect sense ! I wish there was a little yellow corner with a common language explanation on all the datasheets , that would be great for hobbyist, students and self-taught.
Coming from an art background and learning as I go,  I find that most misunderstanding and misconceptions come from language use in engineering circles, not that it’s all so simple, but rather that a good analogy makes learning much easier,  and from my point of view,  I sometimes just need an explanation that is good enough for me to experiment. 

> Epk :I’m inspired to make more inaccurate analogies…the resulting conversation is great!  :)

Totally agree ! what this list needs is a bunch of useful idiots !
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