[sdiy] MIDI volume to volts formula

John Speth john.speth at andrews-cooper.com
Tue Jun 5 22:36:08 CEST 2018

I'm the OP.

MIDI note on/off messages have two task specific data values (the note value and velocity).  Velocity is typically used to control the output amplitude for note on messages.  The device I'm driving (an Agilent arbitrary waveform generator) takes commands that specify amplitude in terms of Volts-pp.  I am aware of the need for but not knowledgeable in the details of how the note volume dynamics will sound correct to humans by using some sort of log or antilog treatment.

I just need to know this: Is the "correct" response an accelerating or decelerating curve when plotting velocity on the horizontal axis and voltage on the vertical axis?  There seems to be common agreement that it's personal preference.


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I'm a bit confused now. I always thought that velocity curves were used in converting the time it took to depress the key to a velocity value. Not in converting a velocity value to a voltage or other parameter of sound production, which is what the OP is asking about.

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