[sdiy] MIDI volume to volts formula

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Tue Jun 5 09:07:53 CEST 2018

There's no rule for that. Good keyboards give the users at least a few 
velocity curves to choose from, and best if you could let the user 
actually draw custom one.
And yes, use look up table, that's only 127 entries.
The best velocity curve can be set by ear, what suits your playing style.


W dniu 2018-06-05 o 01:43, John Speth pisze:
> I have been having a difficult time finding a workable formula for 
> converting the MIDI velocity value (the third byte in a note on/off 
> message) to a Vpp value.  Does anybody know the mathematical formula for 
> this conversion?  Something like Vpp = func(velocity).  Let’s assume 
> Vpp(max, when velocity is 127) is 1.0V.
> The reason I need to know is I have device that I can control frequency 
> in terms of Hz and velocity in terms of Vpp.  I’m not sure if I need a 
> function based on log10() or antilog10().
> Thanks and sorry for the dopey question.
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