[sdiy] History of SDIY?

Bernard Arthur Hutchins Jr bah13 at cornell.edu
Fri Jun 1 18:48:48 CEST 2018

Indeed Pete is correct that the original Electronotes offering was called a digital synthesizer.  More properly it was what would now be called a sequencer.  It sequenced pitches as a programmable melody.

Back in 1972 I think we considered something to be digital if it used digital logic gates etc. and had only two levels at the backbone, as opposed to being analog (op-amps and transistors) with an audio range.  My sequencer was of course inspired by Don Lancaster's Psych-Tone.

Today we consider something as being digital if it is time-sampled and generally amplitude-quantized, and probably largely software-based.

The synthesizer path was from various logic-IC-based noise makers, briefly to Walsh functions (still as affordable logic ICs), on to Fourier based additive schemes as pioneered by Hal Chamberlin, to primary reliance on software.

Long time ago.      - Bernie
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