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Fri Jun 1 07:09:35 CEST 2018

Hopefully Bernie will forgive the liberty.

I cracked out the section of Electronotes that's been sitting unread on my
headboard for a while now, and after this discussion of
digital/analog/DIY/etc I had to laugh.

First paragraph, first issue:


INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the Electronotes Newsletter and the Electronotes
Electronic Music Club.  The feature of the first few issues will be to
describe A DIGITAL SYNTHESIZER which is programmable for any melody.

Emphasis mine :-D


On Thu, May 31, 2018 at 7:21 AM, shine32 <shine32 at kr.tcp-ip.or.jp> wrote:

> Thanks so much.
> It is subtractive synthesis.
> However, if you wish to add synthesis, I think that it might be a drawer
> type organ.
> I will keep in mind that the sound I want is often coming out of the
> subtractive synthesis synthesizer.
> It is still a digital synthesizer and it is made up of the conventional
> concept of "oscillator - filter amplifier + envelope".
> Why?
> Is there something that dares to make you conscious that "This is a
> subtractive synthesizer?"
> Unfortunately I am not.
> Being able to produce the sound you want.
> This is the most fundamental and I think it is the most difficult.
> I want to know the meaning of Gordon 's word.
> It is far from the story that I threw.
> Atsushi Maeda
> On 2018/05/31 19:01, pinoaffe wrote:
>> Well the fact that modulars often work by filtering signals with high
>> amounts of harmonics is not an argument against that being synthesis.
>> Heck, there's even a commonly accepted name for this type of synthesis,
>> which is subtractive synthesis
>> I've come across people arguing that the person using the modular is the
>> synthesizer, rather than the modular itself, but i don't think that that is
>> what gordon meant, yet i have no clue what it is that he did mean
>> On 05/31/2018 11:13 AM, shine32 wrote:
>>> Since the modular synthesizer uses a module that performs differential
>>> calculation called VCF, is it subtraction, and in that sense can not say
>>> that it is not an actual synthesis?
>>> However, as opposed to preparing a ring modulator, multiple VCO, VCF,
>>> VCA, modular synth has advantages.
>>> In fact, in my system it is not enough for one or two VCOs, so multiple
>>> modules were created.
>>> However, it does not deny others.
>>> Only one VCO is not my choice.
>>> The argument that it is not a true composition is analog, so it is
>>> foolish that it can not be synthesized because it can not be modularized.
>>> Owner = Producer thinks you need to consider whether you can produce the
>>> sound you want.
>>> In the first place, if a modular is not a true synthesizer, all analog
>>> synths, whether polyphonic or monophonic, will not be synthesizers.
>>> I can not approve such a definition.
>>> Atsushi Maeda
>>> On 2018/05/31 16:08, Gordonjcp wrote:
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