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Hello Tim,

How about circuit for millenium bypass?


Saitama JAPAN.
> 2018/07/24  6:21  Tim Ressel <timr at circuitabbey.com> wrote:
> Hello supremely helpful folks!
> I've got another challenge: how to detect when a plug is inserted into a
> jack. These are 3.5mm mono jacks btw. The current method is to use a
> stereo jack. When a mono plug is inserted the ring connection gets
> shorted to ground by the sleeve of the plug. This method works well, but
> the stereo jacks are taller than the mono jacks.
> The only jack I can use is a switched mono jack where switched port is
> tied to the tip port until a plug is inserted. My idea is to use the
> switch port to feed an out of range voltage to the tip port, probably a
> negative voltage. Then use a comparator to detect when the tip port goes
> high.
> Any other thoughts?
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