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Vladimir Pantelic wrote:
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>     Prolog is a quite funny language though. 
> yes, but does it sound musical?

Depends on how patient you are :-D
And how much you are willing to twist and bend your mind around using 
the wrong tool for the job and hence entering bizarro land.
Prolog is really best for processing logic problems :)

I bet you could do something real-time musical in F# or Scala, for the 
declarative (supporting) end of things.
On the other end, I might, one day, also actually look at Mozilla's Rust 

supposedly a modern, yet systems programming capable language, where 
many of the nastities (is that a word?) of C/C++'s ancient heritage 
baggage are eliminated. And I really am growing weary of them.
There were languages in the 70's that had an actual module system, for 
dogs' sake. Instead of the sheer lunacy of recursive text-/file-pasting 
with lots of funny switches and multi-layered obfuscation techni... eh I 
mean totally sane preprocessor macro magic, aaaaarrrrgh! And general 
offloading of stuff  - that should be frikkin compiler internae - to the 
programmer, not far from "User: please enter the result of 123 x 456  now!".

Okay, after having my little rant, let's pretend to contribute to the 
actual topic:

that num type has 128 bits resolution, I guess that's enough?

- Steve

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