[sdiy] Search functionality seems down

Ben Stuyts ben at stuyts.nl
Mon Jul 9 11:25:07 CEST 2018

We’re very fortunate to have the complete archive (and searchable) back to 1995 here.

Whenever I upgrade the mailing list software I need to add just one line to an included archiver script, otherwise the interface with the search engine breaks. And that was exactly what I forgot a few days ago. Other than that, it’s been very stable. I hope people like it and deem it useful.


> On 9 Jul 2018, at 05:45, Michael E Caloroso <mec.forumreader at gmail.com> wrote:
> The search function on retrosynth does not retrieve any results beyond
> a certain year - 2013 or 2014?  Same with the search tool on AH.  Mark
> Pulver wrote the code but he no longer has the source and he can't fix
> it.
> MC
> On 7/8/18, Ben Stuyts <ben at stuyts.nl <mailto:ben at stuyts.nl>> wrote:
>> Hi Justin,
>> Thanks for the heads up. I had to perform a little security update on the
>> Mailman list software the other day, and apparently a wire came loose. ;) It
>> should be working again.
>> Ben
>>> On 8 Jul 2018, at 19:57, Justin Herrmann <ebn303afxcut at email.com> wrote:
>>> I tried using the search function at
>>> https://synth-diy.org/pipermail/synth-diy
>>> <https://synth-diy.org/pipermail/synth-diy <https://synth-diy.org/pipermail/synth-diy>>/ and nothing seemed to match,
>>> even the text of emails I received yesterday.
>>> I was looking to see if anyone had mirrored Anders Sponton's site yet.
>>> Apparently nobody so far.
>>> Sincerely,
>>> Justin
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