[sdiy] STM32 (or other) audio DSP learning recommendations

Jay Schwichtenberg jschwich53 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 5 18:21:19 CEST 2018

What are you guys using for H7 hardware?

Also what are people using for compilers here, gcc, CubeMX or commercial

I'd like to find a board that has the processor, a whole lot of SDRAM
(512Mbytes or more) and USB with the rest of the pins broken out that is
affordable. I could do a board but I figure that I'd have to do at least 4
layers and that starts to get expensive for just a few boards and some of
the parts are BGAs.

I do have the Disco and Nucleo F7 boards that I haven't had time to play
with yet since summer is more of an outdoor time for me. Then there is the
Pi Zero, Teensy 3.6s, and a few more, so little time and so many processors.

I did find this for the F7 series. It does have 8 Mbytes which would be a
good start.


To Eric's point about caching. With the inclusion of pipe lining, caching,
cores and treads into processor making them asynchronous real hardware
debugging has gone away. Now we more or less just have JTAG and various
other debug interfaces which sort a work (some better than others). Another
aspect of that is pretty much all the processor people I've talked to in
quite a while now say stay away from assembly language code and stick with
compiled code. Issue is it's just too hard to do assembly code that takes
into account the pipelining and caching to get optimal performance.

Use to work on processor emulators and software tools, that went away. I've
seen boards with 1800+ channels of logic analyzer hooked up, worked on bus
based interfaces that replaced that which have been replaced with propriety
debugging interfaces. Who knows what is next.

Jay S.

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