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I know I don't like the subscription software business model either. My main
hobby is photography and that's the only way to get Photoshop and Lightroom

At least the way I see it (and I'm a software engineer) the software
business was not setup to really succeed over time. The solution to that is
software by subscription.
Basically a software business needs to do one of several things to survive
over time.

It needs to add features to the software and obsolete old software so you
pay money to update to the new versions. But as time goes on most of the
bugs are fixed and the software gets to the point there the features being
added are something 2% of the customers would use. So the software stagnates
and doesn't bring any more money into the company.

Next is they have to come up with new software and increase their product
line and generate new revenue from that. But that is not necessarily
something easy. Sort of like the one hit wonder in the music industry. The
first product is great but it took you 10 years to get it out the door and
then you need to do the next one in a year or two to get the revenue up

Last is the software subscription plan. Here the company will get revenue
over a period of time and be able to keep fingers typing.

Jay S.

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Same here.  I've used Eagle for years, on may commercial projects and hobby 
projects, and think it's pitched just right in terms of the complexity vs 
ease of use trade-off.  But Autodesk have really messed up a good thing with

the introduction of the subscription model.  Maybe i'm showing my age, but I

strongly believe that if you buy some software you should own it for life. 
You don't pay again and again for the luxury of being able to continue using

it (>.<)


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"I've got an Eagle 7.5.0 licence for 160x100mm board size, and intend to
never ever upgrade to the subscription model."

Bought my license in december, during the holiday period, when it was 
activated in january, cadsoft was bought by autodesk, and they were going to

switch to subscriptions. Cursed a little when I heard the news, but then, I 
hate subscriptions and 7.5 is fine, I do not encounter any bugs, all 
functionality is there.

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