[sdiy] Filter Help

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Fri Feb 23 09:42:18 CET 2018

"very sensitive to CV" brings one idea - do you have proper CV scaling 
in there? Control input has about 0.2V/oct response, so that is 
something like very sensitive. Measure voltage directly at control pins 
while changing input CV to see if it changes accordingly, let's say 
between 0V and +1V and you can hear 5-octave sweep.

Also check all the ussual stuff, GND connection, RC networks at inputs, 
if outputs are kept at 0V, and if it integrators are not clipping at 
power rails.


W dniu 2018-02-23 o 01:41, Tim Ressel pisze:
> Hi
> I am trying to get a 2164 SVF design to behave. I can't seem to get the 
> frequency scaling right. It is very sensitive to CV. I thought you can 
> make a volt/oct filter out of it. btw I am going off the Shruti 
> schematic. Anyone got some stick time on this puppy?

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