[sdiy] single transistor VCA (was OTA VCA)

Tom Wiltshire tom at electricdruid.net
Sat Mar 25 13:23:53 CET 2017

On 25 Mar 2017, at 10:09, Mattias Rickardsson <mr at analogue.org> wrote:

> On 25 March 2017 at 00:49, Ben Bradley <ben.pi.bradley at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I don't see that a bipolar transistor, whether NPN or PNP, could work
>> in any reasonable way in such a circuit without giving lots of
>> distortion.
> The magic somehow works in the Korg MS-20. :-)

A lot of these circuits *do* have significant distortion, but also they're often used for controlling the level of square waves (in Lunetta synths, or electronic organ keyed circuits, for example) so even heavy clipping isn't actually an issue.


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