[sdiy] New release of Audio Weaver Lite for ST Discovery boards

Eric Brombaugh ebrombaugh1 at cox.net
Thu Mar 23 01:04:20 CET 2017


I absolutely understand the utility of something like this - I'm 
pragmatic enough to know that there are times when you need to trade 
efficiency of implementation for ease of use, and situations where the 
task is simple enough that you can throw a bunch of legos at it instead 
of figuring it out from first principles.

I've also seen situations where tools like this were oversold or 
misapplied - management thinks that they can get their product built on 
time and under budget by letting a gang of inexperienced folks push 
pretty blocks around on a GUI and then gets mad when the final result is 
crud. That's not a failure of the tool though, but of the business process.

Terry has been around the DSP block long enough to have seen this too so 
I'm sure that he's A) not producing a crappy tool and B) making sure 
that his customers apply it appropriately. Given that the basic version 
is free to use on ST processors I hope that it spurs a lot of interest 
among those interested in doing DSP on that platform. I also hope that 
when (not if) someone finds that they've reached the limits of the tool 
that they have the time and curiosity it takes to step over that limit 
and try something new.


On 03/22/2017 04:34 PM, rsdio at audiobanshee.com wrote:
> As an experienced DSP programmer, I understand where you're coming from, Eric. However, not everyone can code raw DSP, and even those who can don't want to do so with every project. SHARC has released a similar suite intended for companies that do not have in-house DSP developers, but who still need customized DSP from standard building blocks.
> I like to think of it as analogous to a recording studio, where you have a certain number of rack-mounted effects on hand to tailor your sound. Sure, if you can design electronics, then there are probably some effects you could build that aren't possible with the standard rack gear, but how many times does it make sense to design new electronics?
> Same thing could be said for modular synths. You can buy modules, and you can even build custom modules of your own design, but the former is certainly way more convenient than the latter.
> Brian
> On Mar 22, 2017, at 2:53 PM, Eric Brombaugh <ebrombaugh1 at cox.net> wrote:
>> Thanks Terry,
>> Interesting stuff - I've used similar tools in the past like SPW and Simulink. Never really felt too comfortable with coding DSP with a GUI though, especially when you need to step outside of the box they provide.
>> Eric
>> On 03/22/2017 02:44 PM, Terry Shultz wrote:
>>> https://www.dspconcepts.com/ST
>>> Hi Eric,
>>> Give these tools a check out.
>>> Works with ST Discovery boards.
>>> best regards,
>>> Terry Shultz

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