[sdiy] Antisocial behavior on the list.

cheater00 cheater00 cheater00 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 18:24:28 CET 2017

Hi Dave,
I could say exactly the same thing about you. I'm sure a lot of emails
could be dug up where you're out of line. Pot calling the kettle black?

Warmest regards

On Mon, 20 Mar 2017 18:06 Dave Manley, <dlmanley at sonic.net> wrote:

> Hi KRiSh,
> A few years ago Cheater was a well known troll who sowed discord with his
> poor list behavior and thankfully disappeared from the list at some point.
> When he returned recently I expected exactly this sort of anti-social
> behavior, and was surprised that he has been well behaved up to now.  It
> appeared he had matured since his prior list behavior, but it now appears
> he has regressed.
> If you can, ignore him - feeding him does not help.
> If it keeps up perhaps we'll have to involve the list owner - I hate to
> bring that up, since we should all be adults here, and that should be
> completely unnecessary.
> -Dave
> P.S. Welcome to the list!!!
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