[sdiy] [Electronics_101] Where to get capacitor and resistor kits?

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Hi Brian,
I thought if I buy a kit I shouldn't invest a lot since I'm just a hobbyist
and I'll never in my dreams use up, say, 100 of most values. In a few years
the parts will have found a way to become obsolete anyways. My main reason
to get a kit of some sort was to have a few values around on hand to mess
about when trying things out - if a project needs a special value, size, or
kind, then i can order it as you say.

I wasn't aware of the issue with moisture absorption by SMT parts. That is
a very important consideration. What is the shelf life of such parts in a
"pill box" enclosure, stored in a normal home environment? Does storing the
parts in the tape they came in remove this issue completely? What about
"pre-baking" parts before you use them? What if you stored your parts
case/book in a vacuum zip lock after every use? What if you used some cheap
gas to get rid of moisture before putting in a vac bag for a longer time -
could that be practical? Say using dry nitrogen as used for hvac?

On Mon, 20 Mar 2017 01:39 Brian Willoughby, <brianw at audiobanshee.com> wrote:

> On Mar 18, 2017, at 2:59 AM, Neil Johnson <neil.johnson71 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > cheater00 cheater00 wrote:
> >> Thanks for all the great suggestions, guys. That should keep me
> occupied. For smd resistors and C0G caps, what range of values would you
> buy? What size? 0603?
> >>
> > Sorry, but I've forgotten what the original objective was.
> > Is this for building kits?
> > Or development/prototyping?
> > Repair work? (I noticed you cross posted to other groups - that's
> generally frowned upon).
> >
> > Assuming synth diy development and prototyping then I would stick to
> through hole parts. E12 resistor series (metal film 1% 1/4W) with two
> values per drawer fits into one 36 drawer unit. Capacitors I suggesting
> buying as you need them - there are too many types to sensibly consider
> holding stock of every combination.
> >
> > For SMD just buy as you need them. Don't buy cheap parts.
> I tend to agree with Neil. There's no sense buying assorted parts when you
> can get the exact parts you need when you have a design that you want to
> build.
> Another issue to be aware of is that SMD parts should be used "fresh" -
> they absorb moisture over time, and this can cause serious problems with
> you bake the PCB in the oven as part of the surface mounting process. If
> you try to buy assorted values, some will be used right away while others
> just sit and might cause problems if used much later.
> Also, in my experience, the "standard" values are not that useful. 90% of
> my parts are custom values, tuned to the project at hand. Mouser has great
> prices even on the custom values, so there's no sense buying a lot of
> standard values to just have them sit, when you can order custom values at
> the same low prices.
> Brian
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