[sdiy] Analysis of the TB-303 CPU timing

Tom Wiltshire tom at electricdruid.net
Thu Mar 16 13:32:20 CET 2017

On 16 Mar 2017, at 11:43, Julian Schmidt <elfenjunge at gmx.net> wrote:

> So I could record a few patterns with different CPUs in the same synth hardware to exclude influences by differences in the analogue part of the machine or different knob settings.
> Would be interesting to find out
> A) If people can hear the difference between original sequencer, emulated sequencer and a tight sequencer
> B) What listeners prefer if they are able to distinguish it.
> maybe even add a 4th audio example to the test where the jitter and latencies are increased slightly?

I think this would be very interesting. There's a lot of hand-waving and magic around this little silver box and not much in the way of hard facts, so some serious research like you've been doing is extremely welcome.

If you be bothered, setting up the test as a blind study so people don't know which file they're listening to, and then asking which one they think they heard and how much they like it would definitely be the best way to proceed, but I realise the work involved.

Thanks very much for what you've done so far. It's fascinating.

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