[sdiy] OT: Where to get cheap ESD safe electronics parts drawers?

Chromatest J. Pantsmaker chromatest at azburners.org
Sat Mar 11 20:11:33 CET 2017

I'd say something like this:
and keep all of your ICs and sensitive items either in their bags (cut down
to size if needed) or in their anti-static foam.  We use similar to these
at work all the time.

The other option we use a lot is small change envelopes like these:

We kept them vertical in a large drawer (like a card or library catalog) in
alpha-numeric order by type of part.  We only used manila colored
envelopes, but you can buy them in multiple colors.

On Sat, Mar 11, 2017 at 12:45 PM, MTG <grant at musictechnologiesgroup.com>

> Like Tony, I keep stuff in the original packages and then some kind of
> generic storage like a box or something from a home store. The nice thing
> is that you will have the correct reorder information handy too. It's not
> the smallest storage method but I think the less you transfer stuff around
> the better off you are. Of course for passives you can do what you want for
> the most part.
> On 3/11/2017 6:21 AM, Tony K wrote:
>> I just leave everything in their original packaging and file in those
>> cheap plastic filing cabinets.
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