[sdiy] the obscure output of a 2164

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Others have given you more technical (and accurate) answers, so let me give you a couple of hacky pointers.

You can treat the 2164 like a inverting op-amp. You have input resistors feeding into the 2164's input (and you can use as many as you need, like an inverting op-amp, so you can sum signals into the 2164).
Then the actual op-amp and feedback resistor come after the 2164 (this arrangement is called an I-to-V convertor if you want to look it up).

There's a basic gain of Rfb/Rin, just like for an inverting op-amp, but since this is a VCA, the actual gain depends on the control voltage.

On 9 Mar 2017, at 06:20, Busby Bergson <busby.bergson at gmail.com> wrote:

> hi list-
> my eyes glaze over a bit with datasheets - and experts have better advice, anyway :
> i'm seeing a lot of designs with the output of a 2164 directly patched to an op-amp....an inverting amplifier arrangement, with a feedback loop, usually somewhere between 30k and 300k..... i have no idea how to calculate the gain of this, though, because i'm unclear on exactly what's coming out of the 2164.. any pointers?
> -bb
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