[sdiy] Interesting Filter Idea

Elain Klopke functionofform at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 18:33:05 CET 2017

Hey all,

I was going back through Jacob Watters article about the CMOS synth and a
bit that I had previously passed over caught my eye...

He has the signal passing through a pot (I'm assuming in one end out the
other end) and then a switch from a 4066 connecting the wiper to a
capacitor to ground. The 4066 switch is clocked by a simple 40106
oscillator flipping back and forth between the plain signal and a low
passed version.

Being mildly obsessed with the tone circuit of the Big Muff Pi pedal, I
thought it would be cool to apply this filter switching to that circuit.
The low pass side would work the same way, putting the switch between the
resistor and the capacitor, but I'm not sure if that would work for the
high pass side. I don't know THAT much about the nuts and bolts of

My other option if that doesn't work out so well in the breadboard, is to
just put the switches in the signal path right before the filters. My
thought was either have a separate oscillator clocking each switch or have
one oscillator clocking one switch and then sending the same oscillator
output to the other switch through an inverter.

Thoughts? Anything glaringly stupid about the idea?

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