[sdiy] (no subject)

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Mon Mar 6 14:00:22 CET 2017


> Is there any harm in using the centre tap for the 6.3V and the end taps
> for the 12.6V supply to the PSU? It means the coil between one end and
> centre tap gets a little more loading than the other side. The same

No problem at all, just make sure that added load from 6V and 12V 
circuits doesn't exceed current rating for that winding.

> The other question is: the PSU circuit that generates +12VDC from the
> 13VAC transformer output uses a choke shortly after the full wave recto.
> Is there any interaction to be expected between power transformer and
> choke that could make my replacement transformer not work in this
> situation? Is it tuned to impedance properties of the power transformer?

Since there's no regulator as you say, it must be there to help filter 
out 100Hz after rectification. This is probably decent size choke. 
Together with the caps it forms nice LC filter. No interaction with 
transformer, it smoothes current jumps, so any transformer should be 
happy about that.


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