[sdiy] Board View Software - could we make a database of this for vintage synths?

Donald Tillman don at till.com
Fri Jun 17 19:17:18 CEST 2016

> On Jun 17, 2016, at 10:03 AM, Jean-Pierre Desrochers <jpdesroc at oricom.ca> wrote:
>> I wish I knew where our SDIY contacts were physically located
> I'm locating in Quebec City, Canada

It would be great to find neighbors, but good grief, don't fill up a conversation with an unrelated subject line.

Just create a Google Doc, make an announcement with an appropriate subject line, and invite everybody to add to it.  Then send out a reminder to update it every 3 months or so.

  -- Don

Don Tillman
Palo Alto, California
don at till.com

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