[sdiy] Simple DSP as VCO substitute (was Re: CEM3340 reissue)

Vinicius Brazil brazil.v at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 23:14:44 CEST 2016

Hi Tom and sdiy friends,

Thats right.
I generate a called "protoRamp" at 1.5MHz, thats  is smoothly filtered in a
"final" Ramp.
The other waveforms are generated from this Ramp.
I use MCP4921, 12 bit DAC. At this high sample rate and filtering, 12bit
it´s enough.
16-bit would be better, the problem is to find a cheap DAC arrives At

Is correct, with a Core Triangle would be better, but not pass the 1 MHz
sample rate, considering the dsPIC working maximum (40MHz). I tested this

At this sample rate we have really good "analog" Ramp, Triangle, Sine and
PWM Pulse, hehehehe.

When make FM with 2 AetherOscillators the resulting sound is very natural.


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