[sdiy] Rare Chips (was CEM3340)

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
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I second Tom's comments about the V2164.  A brilliant chip with identical
specs to the original SSM version.  We've used tens of thousands of them,
and they never fail or act funny unless they get plugged in backwards.


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Hi Chris,

Curious why you'd be sourcing SSM2164s when the V2164 is widely available
and a good deal cheaper than the AD parts?
I've not heard anyone stating that the CoolAudio ones don't measure up.

[sidenote - Hmm, pretty sure I still have a stash of NOS SN76477s and maybe
CA3080 too - could you be interested and what sort of quantities are you

Cheers, Tom

On 14/06/2016 04:19, Chris Juried wrote:

I have an order on the way for:






Does anyone on the list want me to hold a few aside before putting up, what
I do not use, for sale to the general public? Let me know.

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Given their office is not far from my company's headquarters I'm tempted to
see if I can blag a visit next time I'm in the area.  At the very least grab
a couple of samples and save on the shipping!


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