[sdiy] 2n3904 transistor matching stats

Matthias Herrmann Matthias.Herrmann at jeppesen.com
Wed Jun 8 09:18:26 CEST 2016

That's exactly what I experienced over the last years, however, I did no statistics.
So thank you for verifying.


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> I just built a design for a customer that needed 6 matched pair of 2N3906s.  I
> bought them on cut tape and verified matching with my 577 curve tracer.  I
> was literally unable to tell any difference between adjacent pairs.  Then I
> tested the 1st on the cut tape against the 12th and I could detect a very
> minor difference.  I was impressed.
> Then I tested a random batch of loose transistors of another type.  There
> were more significant differences but it seemed like a Gaussian distribution
> with many close in characteristics and a few outliers.  It was much tighter
> than I expected, but for all I know they came out of the same batch as they
> were not a high volume runner.
> Dave

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