[sdiy] Usage Permission - What should I do?

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that topology is quite standard, going back at least to Terry Micheal's
VCO76 design from electronotes.  a quick google image search turns up
plenty of examples, for instance the rhodes chroma.

On Sat, Dec 17, 2016 at 7:11 PM, Jacob Watters <jacobwatters at gmail.com>

> I am working on a filter that is based on the LM13700. I read Thomas
> Henry's book about the 3080 to get some ideas for the expo conversion.
> However, I really liked the solution that Thomas Henry used in the VCF-1. I
> ended up using that exact design. Here is the schematic:
> http://www.birthofasynth.com/Thomas_Henry/pdf/VCF-1/Sheet_0001.pdf
> The issue is, I might make some PCB's and kits and sell them. I tried
> contacting both Thomas and Scott Stites (he manages the website that hosts
> the schematic), but I have not received a response (Thomas' email bounced
> back as undelivered).
> What should I do now? Is the expo converter generic enough that I can use
> it without permission? Should I redesign that part of the circuit? There
> are only so many ways to do it, so I would likely end up with something
> close anyway.
> I really appreciate all of the knowledge that Thomas Henry has shared with
> the DIY community, so I would like to respect that and not use stuff I
> shouldn't without permission.
> What would you do in this situation?
> Thank you for your help.
> Best regards,
> Jacob Watters
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