[sdiy] Looking for a tinny MIDI controller (patch change needs for Roland GR-55)

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Sat Apr 30 23:48:33 CEST 2016

> Is this for operation by hand or foot?

Doesn't matter. As far as the unit is in a small box
with the minimum switches needed to change patches and programs.



Le 2016-04-30 15:41, MTG a écrit :
> Those are just standard Bank MSB and Bank LSB for MIDI patch changing.
> What is your definition of small (dimensions)?  Is this for operation
> by hand or foot?
> GB
> On 4/30/2016 9:00 AM, Jean-Pierre Desrochers wrote:
>> Hi Brian,
>> Thanks for your reply.
>> Here are the MIDI code the GR-55 wants to change
>> patches/presets numbers:
>>   8 MIDI bytes sent:
>>   Hex code    function
>>   1011nnnn     Control change command
>>   00000000    Bank change coarse
>>   0vvvvvvv    Value
>>   1011nnnn     Control change command
>>   01000000    Bank change fine
>>   0vvvvvvv    Value
>>   1100nnnn     Program change command
>>   0vvvvvvv    Value
>> That is what I send to the GR so far with success.
>> I will first use only the up/down device to browse what it's 
>> available,
>> make some kind of a prefered tone list, then memory copy these to
>> my USER memory space inside the GR then
>> I will only use my 18 presets switchers MIDI connected to use them..
>> But for now I'm looking for a small device that would
>> send the 8 bytes above..
>> JP
>> ********************************************
>> Le 2016-04-30 00:30, rsdio at audiobanshee.com a écrit :
>>> Bonjour Jean-Pierre,
>>> The MIDI Patch Change message only supports 128 presets, numbered 0
>>> through 127. In order to access more presets, you need to send a MIDI
>>> Bank Change message. Roland should have a MIDI Implementation Chart
>>> for the GR-55 which describes which Banks are valid.
>>> If you're going to program your own device, you'll need to know how
>>> the Roland GR-55 arranges its hundreds of presets into banks. Since
>>> each MIDI Bank holds 128 Patches, there will be some GR-55 banks that
>>> are partially empty (otherwise the total number of patches would be a
>>> whole multiple of 128, like 512 or 1024, not 954). Your device will
>>> hopefully skip the empty ones to save you time, which means you need
>>> some custom programming for the Up/Down function.
>>> So, if you already have a device that sends 18 presets, and you add a
>>> new device that steps up and down through 954 presets, then how will
>>> the new device copy the current preset into your existing device?
>>> Can't you just modify your existing device to take a common 1/4" foot
>>> pedal switch as an optional input for stepping through presets while
>>> building your selection of 18? I'm assuming that your existing device
>>> is programmable.
>>> Brian
>>> On Apr 29, 2016, at 10:17 AM, Jean-Pierre Desrochers
>>> <jpdesroc at oricom.ca> wrote:
>>>> Thanks GB for your nice reply,
>>>> But the GR-55 has a huge number of presets to access:
>>>> 270 factory presets,
>>>> 297 user in guitar mode,
>>>> 90 preset/ 297 user in bass mode
>>>> So the Gecko only access 127 preset max.
>>>> and if I go pcboard kit I'll prefer using
>>>> my design stuff and build one.
>>>> Still looking around..
>>>> ************************************************
>>>> Le 2016-04-29 12:02, MTG a écrit :
>>>>> Are you looking for a circuit board or product?  Highly Liquid make
>>>>> the former and Gecko the latter.
>>>>> GB
>>>>> www.musictechnologiesgroup.com
>>>>> On 4/29/2016 7:18 AM, Jean-Pierre Desrochers wrote:
>>>>>> I just bought a Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer
>>>>>> which is a nice instrument. Lots of nice presets to use..
>>>>>> After playing with it for a while I found it difficult
>>>>>> to rapidly change preset patches on the fly (for example in live
>>>>>> situations).
>>>>>> The user needs to step on the 2 first footswitches at the same 
>>>>>> time
>>>>>> then go UP/DOWN to the patch number he needs, then select
>>>>>> the preset# (1,2 or 3) on that specific patch.. annoying !
>>>>>> Since the GR-55 has a MIDI input I designed a small MIDI foot
>>>>>> controller
>>>>>> that has 3 rows of 6 preset switches. That's 18 presets ready to 
>>>>>> be
>>>>>> selected fast.
>>>>>> I use my device now for selection.
>>>>>> The GR has four groups of presets: LEAD, RHYTHM, OTHER and.... 
>>>>>> USER.
>>>>>> So I programmed my MIDI controller to select the first 18 USER 
>>>>>> presets
>>>>>> by MIDI means. Now that I have this working and I'm happy with 
>>>>>> that
>>>>>> I'm looking for a tinny MIDI controller that would do a simple 
>>>>>> UP/DOWN
>>>>>> patch preset number selection for ALL the GR presets.
>>>>>> This one would be used only to go around all the available presets
>>>>>> at first to 'choose' the bests ones then copy them at my USER 
>>>>>> group's
>>>>>> first 18 locations. No stepping on GR footswitches.
>>>>>> I've seen lots of disc jockey MIDI controllers with many pads
>>>>>> and gadgets but I don't need that much for my needs.
>>>>>> Any suggestions ?
>>>>>> Thanks.
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