[sdiy] Digital delay memory

Timothy Daugard daugard at cox.net
Fri Apr 29 17:19:06 CEST 2016

On 4/29/2016 9:29 AM, Rob Spencer wrote:
> I think there's a lot of "casual" diyers out there who are happy with the skill set they have.
> Plus there's the "accessible" angle. For some people SMD just isn't physically possible.

I can build a module for my system -- after the completion of the 
design, or the grabbing schematics -- in one hour, this includes 
drilling the case, assembling the circuit on perfboard, and assembling 
the entire module.

I might need extra time to design and laser print the front panel label, 
but that is usually done, along with circuit design work, with my laptop 
while siting in front of the tv with my wife.

I have done smt. I have bought smt adapter boards, but I prefer through 
hole sockets in perfboards. I can then pull the IC's for other uses If 
something doesn't meet expectations. Tossing a small perfboard with a 
few passive parts that cost pennies is no great loss. Once an IC or 
transistor is mounted smt it's pretty well committed.

Put me down as p-to-p wiring between tube sockets . . . errrr p-to-p 
wiring of through hole using the IC socket as the starting point of 
work. (And darn if sometimes I don't wish I had placed the socket a few 
hole rows over or made the perfboard a row or two larger.)

Timothy Daugard

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