[sdiy] Affordable silk-screening company for modular synth front panels..???

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Thu Apr 21 18:48:27 CEST 2016

Almost anyone with some fine pitch screens and some experience with metal
or plastic surfaces can do this. It is even worth contacting t-shirt
printers in your area to see if they have done this or could recommend
someone. The costs are virtually the same everywhere in the USA/Canada
because the process is the same. If you get 100 panels of the same thing,
it can run $3-4 per panel including the set-up. But a few panels of one
design might run you $25-50 a panel.

Another option is Metalphoto which uses a photgraphic etching process and
can manufacture the whole panel.

Long ago, I used to do this myself and may even have some screens. But it
is a finicky process and having day to day experience is a big plus.

> Hi list,
> Could anybody give me a good silk-screening company
> that could do plain dotcom type front panels like these for example ?
> http://www.arcenson.com/projects/Modular/M108_Audio_Mixer/Module_pictures/M108_Audio_Mixer_front.jpg
> I will need 1U to 8U width sizes panels in the next futur.
> I would supply that company with aluminium folded panels
> ready to apply silk-screen to..
> If that company cannot silk-screen on already side-folded plate
> I can send flat pre-cut plates to be silked then fold them afterward..
> I'm located in Quebec City, Canada but willing to
> mail my stuff to USA for that kind of job..
> Any good experiences with some names ?
> Thanks.
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