[sdiy] Silvered mica caps in VCO core integrators

The Old Crow oldcrow at oldcrows.net
Fri Apr 15 09:36:29 CEST 2016

   I've been using C0G 1000pF for this with very good, stable results.


On 4/14/2016 8:56 PM, Ian Fritz wrote:
> Mica caps have too much dielectric soakage for serious use in VCOs.
> (See the famous Bob Pease writeups.)
> My super S/H project was started to compare soakage and leakage in C0G
> ceramics vs plastics.  I found that C0G and polystyrene had nearly
> equivalent behavior.  Other plastics, including PPE, were inferior.
> I'll say it again: C0G is the way to go for high-performance synth
> circuits, especially given their small size and reasonable cost.
> Ian

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