[sdiy] Univox Mini Korg 700 envelope pop question

Travis Thatcher recompas at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 02:18:20 CEST 2016

My buddy noticed that there is a distinctive click when you hit a key
on his minikorg and again you hear another click about 400ms later.
Its not super loud but is a bummer when recording. The settings don't
really affect the clicks either. I think it is the envelope gen
switching stages. The 2nd click happens in time with the envelope
decay if you have it in 'percussion' rather than 'singing' mode. Could
this just be remedied by replacing the electrolytics around that
circuit? I'm looking at:

The synth has all original caps and I'm not wanting to just start
blindly replacing parts. Or...is this just the way these things sound?
Wouldn't surprise me :) My next step was to probe with a scope to see
if the click is happening along the ground traces.

Thanks for any help.


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