[sdiy] Cleaning plastic fronts on old synths

Terje Winther terje.winther at wintherstormer.no
Sat Apr 9 17:53:45 CEST 2016

Once again this great list found a solution. This is what I did:
- first I rubbed it down with extremely fine sandpaper (1200)
- then I polished it with toothpaste! Yes, standard toothpaste

The whiteish stuff is gone, and the satin black finish is back.
Best of all: the text and the indicator colors where not effected at  
all from this process.

Thanks to all why replied - it was very helpful.


> I have an Akai AX-80  and […] the middle section of the front panel  
> (running all the length of the synth) with all the buttons and  
> controls have a plastic-like overlay with colored text, and it is  
> full of some whiteish residue. It looks like someone has tried to  
> wash it with some kind of solution, and it didn´t work and  
> miscolored the plastic.

Terje Winther
terje.winther at wintherstormer.no

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