[sdiy] Cleaning plastic fronts on old synths

Dave Brown davebr at modularsynthesis.com
Fri Apr 8 01:55:30 CEST 2016

I am unfamiliar with the panel but can you polish it out?  I’ve had good
luck wet sanding scratched dust covers going up to 1500 grit, and then using
rubbing and polishing compound.  They do make kits for car headlamps that
basically have the same stuff and I have used that as well.  I would think
you could polish the residue out long as the color goes throughout but the
legends will be a problem.  You don’t want to take those off.  You might be
able to polish around the legends depending on where the residue is.  You
also don’t want to put a shine on it if it was initially flat or satin.
Just a thought.



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Hi all,

I have come across a problem I don´t know how to solve:

I have an Akai AX-80 on the bench that is now in perfect technical order,
and the metal front panel and the plexiglass part with all the lumicent
displays are all good. But the middle section of the front panel (running
all the length of the synth) with all the buttons and controls have a
plastic-like overlay with colored text, and it is full of some whiteish
residue. It looks like someone has tried to wash it with some kind of
solution, and it didn´t work and miscolored the plastic. I have tried
various solutions, but nothing I do change the apperance.

Any ideas appreciated!



Terje Winther

terje.winther at wintherstormer.no







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