[sdiy] Cleaning plastic fronts on old synths

Terje Winther terje.winther at wintherstormer.no
Thu Apr 7 23:03:53 CEST 2016

Hi all,
I have come across a problem I don´t know how to solve:
I have an Akai AX-80 on the bench that is now in perfect technical  
order, and the metal front panel and the plexiglass part with all the  
lumicent displays are all good. But the middle section of the front  
panel (running all the length of the synth) with all the buttons and  
controls have a plastic-like overlay with colored text, and it is full  
of some whiteish residue. It looks like someone has tried to wash it  
with some kind of solution, and it didn´t work and miscolored the  
plastic. I have tried various solutions, but nothing I do change the  
Any ideas appreciated!

Terje Winther
terje.winther at wintherstormer.no

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