[sdiy] Pro one wire keyboard cleaning?

legion at helpwantedproductions.com legion at helpwantedproductions.com
Sat Apr 2 16:06:12 CEST 2016

Again thanks for all the help and advice. I ended up cleaning the main
buss board and the tiny key wires with a light dab of denatured alcohol on
a qtip. The buss board actually looked fine and the individual key wires
were where it showed a small colored spot (about the center where contact
was made.) I didn't scrub that spot off but a simply cleaning and minor
adjust of the rubber key bushings (thanks Arcsound!) seemed to do the
trick. It's now playing and triggering perfectly.

One final question if I may, I noticed the filter freq cutoff knob doesn't
seem to have much of an effect past 12 o'clock. The filter sounds
*amazing* and when I route it to the wheel or knob it has a full range,
it's just the one freq knob seems to go full at 12 not all the way turned
to the right.

Is this normal? Perhaps a setting I could try to test to see if it's pilot
error? All other knobs and settings seem to behave 100% and the freq knob
does open the filter fine (and a ballsy fine at that!) I'm just wondering
what's up with that setting.

I have some original spare parts but really don't want to take the knobs
off (don't even know how without forcing them!) and start messing at that
level since it plays and sounds great. If someone knows the value of the
freq filter pot that might be helpful so I could at least be sure I have
the right spare should that ever be needed.

Thanks again Synthheads!

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