[sdiy] Pro one wire keyboard cleaning?

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Fri Apr 1 14:45:17 CEST 2016

Thanks for all the suggestions. Reading everything and looking up "how to
clean gold contacts" I'm going to summarize the following from what I

- Soft dry cloth, compressed air seems more or less 100% safe and a good

- Pencil eraser method is suggested but caution for Static discharge and
mechanical stress. Seems this is mostly for discolored contacts (as far as
I can tell the bar on mine is still gold colored but I'm thinking a short
pass with an eraser can't hurt)

- Do not use water based products (leads to corrosion)

- Chemical cleaners have conflicting reviews.

I'm wondering if a small amount of denatured alcohol (high evaporation
rate) on a q-tip might be safe to get the dust and eraser residue off?

Please let me know if I'm on the right track.  And to answer the one
question I noticed the keyboard did get better with use but it still seems
to mistrigger sporadically. I might eventually get this to a local friend
to play so I want to get it in top shape.

Follow-up question: The power cord is fraying towards the case a bit. I
was thinking of cutting off the very end and resoldering to the PS. Does
anyone know the color codes of what cord wire goes where (I haven't opened
it up yet) for that.

THANKS Synthy DIY analoggers you the best!

> Took out my pro one this week and even though it's been covered it seems
to have some sporadic mistriggering of notes/contacts. It's the wire
version with replaced bushings. I have a pic if that would help anyone
give suggestions.
> Looking for advice on how and what products to use to clean the contacts
to get nice smooth note play. Any help greatly appreciated!

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